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Omg OFC I’ll tell u ALL ABOUT ME !!!! I would be HONOURED !!!

My favorite movie is the grinch , mamma Mia coming in a suuuuuper close second place .
I don’t read books so I don’t have a favorite to tell u .
I’m OBSESSED with Britney Spears
AND i …. think Lindsay Lohan is underrated …. She is SO HOT !!!!!

IM JUST YANKIN YE OLD CHAIN !!!!! I KNOW . I GET It . U want to know about the SALON !!! well I am SORRY that I was opening up to u all SHEEEEEESH .

ALRIGHT SO I’ll start Off with a quote from Britney Spears -
I don’t like defining myself , I just am “ . (GOD SHE IS SO SMART)

This is literally what every STINKIN 1 of us believe at GAG HAIRDRESSING . We just wanna make u feel HOT, SEXY AND CUTE !!!!

WE are a blonde specialist salon :) 

WE can cut, colour and style ALL HAIR  ( + brows ) COZ WE GOT MAAAAAD SKILLS. 
For information on pretty much EVERYTHING , click on the  price list page .

NOW I'M gonna do a LIL FLEXIN on my keychain here … but I THINK/KNOW that I MANIFESTED the best GOSH DARN team EVA !!!!! 
We are all SO GOOD and we all LOVE being in the salon . WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! ( and rare )

AND CUTE CHIWAWA alert !!!!! NUGGET also known as Nu nu . is my chi chi . I bring him in everyday ( he’s soooooo friendly and WAAAAY to trusting ( it’s getting kinda scaaaary ). Nu nu uses he/they pronouns . AAAAAND LOOK if u get his pronouns wrong , he DOES NOT care , coz HE KNOWS WHO HE IS !!!! 

ANY HOOOOOM I should let you know that we are a wella and evo salon and we also stock these dope waxes in pure pact .

Thanku for listening if you read and understood that !!!!!!!!!!